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Department of Medicine Language Translation :


 Department of Medicine


(Dr. Mahim Mittal, MD(Medicine) Head of the Department)


Department of Medicine got established, even before the establishment of Medical college building in 1972.  Dr A.K.Gupta was founder Head of Department. Post Graduate course was started in 1982.


Courses conducted in Department :

·           Under Graduate Course M.B.B.S.

·           Post Graduate Course M.D. (Medicine)

Facilities in Department:


BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur -273013, UP


Teaching Staff




Dr. Mahim Mittal

Professor & Head

Dr. Rajendra Chudhary


Dr. Madhavi Sarkari

Associate Professor

Dr. Azhar Ali

Associate Professor

Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh

Associate  Professor

Dr. Raj Kishore Singh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Deepshikha

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ajay Kumar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anand Mohan Verma (PMS)



Non Teaching Staff




Mr. Sunil Kumar Yadav


Mr. Om Prakash Tripathi

Lab Technician

Mr. Sri Bhagwat Singh

Lab Technician

Mr. Imran Khan

Dialysis Technician

Mr. Awadesh Yadav

Lab Technician

Ms. Annumati Robert

Staff Nurse

Ms. Sumitra Khan

Staff Nurse

Mr. Rekhai Ram


Mr. Sudama Mall

Ward Boy

Mr. Ram Kewal

Ward Boy

Mr. Surendra Das

Ward Boy

Mr. Krishnanand Pandey

Ward Boy

Mr. Vinod

Cleaning Staff

Mr. Akhilesh

Cleaning Staff

Ms. Rajni

Cleaning Staff

Mr. Rafiq Ahmad

Cleaning Staff


ART Centre Staff




Dr. AK Mall

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Sanjay Rai

Medical Officer

Dr. RK Srivastava

Medical Officer

Mr. Pramod Kumar Verma

Data Manager

Mr. Raghvendra Singh

Data Manager

Mr. Ashish Kumar Singh


Ms. Sujata Tiwari


Mr. Vindhyachal Prasad


Mr. RK Pandey


Mr. Yadvendra Kumar Gond

Lab Technician

Mr. Santosh Kumar Yadav

Lab Technician

Mr. Durgesh Mani Tripathi


Ms. Shalini Emmanuel

Staff Nurse

Mr. Shivesh Kumar Pandey

Care coordinator




1.   108 Beds for admission of patients.

2.   I.C.C.U. -3 with facility of cardiac monitor, defibrillator.

3.   Ward side laboratory.

4.   Hemodialysis/ Peritoneal Dialysis (Intermittent)

5.   Facility for temporary / permanent pacing

6.   Video EEG

7.   Nerve Conduction Velocity Study

8.   Visual Evoked Potential Study

9.   Brain Stem evoked Response Action Potential

10.  Balloon Mitral Valvotomy

11.  Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

12.  ART Centre for HIV/AIDS (supported by UPSACS)

Clinics Conducted in Department:

·           General OPD daily (except Sunday)

·           Cardiology OPD- Mpnday/Thursday: Dr. Mukul Misra

·           Neurology OPD- Tuesday/ Friday: Dr. A.K.Thacker

·           Refractory Epilepsy Clinic – Monday: Dr. A.K.Thacker

·           Stroke Clinic- Saturday: Dr. A.K. Thacker

·           ART Clinic – Daily (Except Saturday & Sunday): Dr.AK Mall

·           Pacemaker Clinic- 2nd Wednesday of every month: Dr. Mukul Misra

·           Arrhythmia Clinic – Friday: Dr. Mukul Misra

General OPD Days:

·           Monday         –   Dr. Mahim Mittal / Dr. Onkar Nath Rai

·           Tuesday        –   Dr. R. Chaudhary / Dr. Raj Kishor Singh

·           Wednesday   –   Dr. Azhar Ali Khan/ Dr. Mahim Mittal

·           Thursday       -   Dr. Rakesh Kumar Shahi/ Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

·           Friday           –   Dr. Madhvi Sarkari/ Dr. Anand Mohan Verma

·           Saturday       –   Dr. Pavan Singh/ Dr. Ajay yadav


   Previous Head of Department :

1.   Dr. A.K. Gupta, MD     26-09-1972  to  07-02-1994

2.   Dr. N.B.S.Sarhari,MD  08-02-1994  to  02-04-1996

3.   Dr. P.Nigam,MD           03-04-1996  to  30-06-2001

   Faculty Members of Department:


1.Dr. Anoop Kumar Thakker, MD(Medicine), DM(Neurology); Professor

2.Dr. Mahim Mittal, MD- Associate Professor

3.Dr. Madhvi Sarkari, MD – Lecturer

4.Dr. Azhar Ali Khan,MD – Lecturer

5.Dr. Pavan Kumar Singh, MD(Medicine),  DM(Neurology); Lecturer

6.Dr. Rakesh Kumar Shahi, MD – Associate Professor  (Deputation from PMS)

7.Dr. R. Chaudhary, MD – Associate Professor  (Deputation from PMS)

8.Dr. Anand Mohan Verma, MD – Physician (Attachment from PMS) 10.Dr. Onkar Nath Rai, MD – Lecturer (Samvida)

10.Dr. Raj Kishor Singh, MD – Lecturer

)11Dr.Dr.Deep Shikha            Lecturer

12 Dr.Ajay Kumar                 Lecturer 

Other Medical Faculty:

1.   Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Mall, MD- Senior Medical Officer, ART Centre.

2.   Dr. Sanjay Kumar Rai, MBBS- Medical Officer, ART Centre.





Last Update : 01-01-2010


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