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Department of Surgery Language Translation :

Department of Surgery


 (Prof Dr.YOGESH PAL MS, Head of Department )


 Department began functioning in year 1973, when Dr. K. S. Bhargava, took charge as Head of Department on 17th Nov 1973. Theoperation theatre, constructed under his supervision, was among the best in state, where high standards of sterilization were maintained. Burn and Plastic Surgery unit began in this department, with appointment of Dr. Qazi Akhtar Sayeed, in March 1977. Neuro Surgery unit began with appointment of Dr. Rakesh Saxena, in April 1988, and it began functioning as a separate department in year 1994. Present Head of Department, Dr. Rajiv Bhargava is working for modernization and upgradation of department. He has started, Urology, Breast Surgery and Gastro Surgery OPD. With coming of modern instruments, facilities like Video Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Laproscopy and TURP have begun.Facilities like, C- Arm and DSA, are available, for diagnostic workup and surgery of patients.


   Courses conducted in Department:      Undergraduate course MBBS

                                                            Post Graduate course MS in General Surgery


   Activities Organized by Department:

                                1.     Conference of UP Chapter, of Association of Surgeons of India, in 1983.

                                2.     Conference of UP Chapter, of Association of Surgeons of India, in 1993.

                                     3.  CME & Workshop on Gastro Intestinal Surgery, Lap GI – 2009.

   Research :

1.   Study of Factors in causing intestinal anastomotic leak, and their predictive value.

2.   Ultrasound Guided, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Intra Abdominal Lumps and Percutaneous Drainage of Intra abdominal Abcess and Cysts.

3.   Intra Operative Gloves Perforation in Single vs Double Gloves Barrier efficiency in Operative Procedures.

.   Study of Necrotising Fascitis with special reference to Laboratory Risk Factors and Wound Management.

   Teachers of Department:

                                     1. Prof Rakesh saxena. MS, MCh  Professor(contract )

                                            2. Dr. Yogesh Kumar. MS            Associate  Professor

                                    3. DrU.C. Singh,MS                     Professor                    

                                    4. Dr. Ashok Kumar  MS               Assistant Prof

                                    5. Dr. Priyanka Rai MS                 Lecturer

                                           6.Dr.Anand Jaiswal MS                       Assistant Professor

                                    7.Dr.Neeraj k.Naithani M.CH        Lecturer (contract)

                                    8.Dr.Renu Kushwaha  M.CH         Lecturer

                                    9. Dr.O.P.Singh M.S.                  Lecturer (contract) 

                                    10 Dr.M.Q.Siddaqui M.S.             Lecturer

   Honours / Awards to Department:

                   1.     Dr. K. S. Bhargava-

                       -Commonwealth Medical Fellowship for Training in Urology, England. Feb 1969 to

                        April 1970.

                       -President, Assosiation of Surgeons of India, UP Chapter. 1985-86.

                       -Publication of book “Shalya Chikitsa ke Sidhant” in Hindi. 1997

                       -“Shalya Chikitsa ke Sidhant” in Hindi, book got first prize, from Ministry of Health

                        and Family Welfare, Govt of India, in year 1999.

                   2.     Dr. Rajiv Bhargava-

                       -Vice Chancellors medal for best student from VC of Agra University

                       -Dr. Sharda Prasad Srivastava Gold Medal. 1971

                       -Dr. G. B. Rawat memorial Gold Medal.1971

                       -Dr. Bukle Gold Medal. 1971

                       -Dr. Wazir Singh Sarin Silver Medal. 1971

                       -Silver Medal for General Profeciency, from Agra Medical College. 1971

                       -Certificate of Honour in Surgery. 1971

                                    PLASTIC SURGERY AND BURN UNIT

A Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit ,along with post of Plastic Surgeon was  established by Govt. of U.P. at B.R.D.Medical College ,Gorakhpur , in year 1975. In year 1977, Dr.Q.A.Sayeed M.S.( Gen.Surg.)  was  posted as Plastic Surgeon,  through Provincial Medical and Health Services U.P.

 Later on, in the year 1984-85, the post of Plastic Surgeon was converted into Teaching Post , as  Lecturer in Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit ,attached to the Department of Surgery, B.R.D.Medical College Gorakhpur.Dr.V.N.S.Yadava M.S. ( Gen.Surg. ) ; M.S. ( Plastic Surg. ) joined as Lecturer on 1st.March 1986,on this post as first incumbment.

 The Unit has 20 Beds, 12 beds for Plastic Surgery patients and 8 beds for the care of Burn patients in Nehru Hospital.

Dr. Yadava was promoted to the post of Assistant Professor on 20.08.1986,further he was elevated to the post of Associate Professor on 12.03.1999.

Before his retirement on 31st July 2006, he looked after the work of Head of Department of Surgery from 1st June 2006to 31st July 2006.

Again , he joined the faculty ,on contractual appointment as Associate Professor in the department on24.08.2006 and worked till 09.06.2010  on this post.

On 10th June 2010 , he was appointed as Professor of Surgery , and remained on this post till the attaining the age of 65 year, on 31st July 2011.

Dr. Yadava was Supervisor  (20 PGs) and Co-Superviser (36 PGs) for M.S./M.D. candidates, in the department of surgery and other departments for Thesis , research work.

He has 33 publications to his credit in National and International Journals. He actively participated in International (2) and National Conferences (85).

Dr. Neeraj Nathani M.S. (gen.Surg.) M.Ch. (Plastic Surg.) took over the charge of Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit in the Month of November 2006,as Lecturer, on contractual appointment  and is working till date.




Last Update : 01-01-2010


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