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Deptt. of Pediatrics, Neonatiology & Adoloscent Medicine Language Translation :

Department of Pediatric , Neonatiology & Adoloscent Medicine . B.R.D.  Medical College, Gorakhpur 

1. Brief history of the Department

B.R.D. Medical College, Gorakhpur was founded in 1966 by Late Shri C. B. Gupta, the then Chief Minister of UP. Department of Pediatrics B.R.D. Medical College started as a small unit of one Lecturer, one House Officer and four beds in 1975. Shortly thereafter, the strength of faculty increased to four, with one Professor, one Reader and two Lecturers and the number of beds were raised to 48. Thus, a full-fledged Department of General Pediatrics started functioning in 1976. In 1979 ICDS phase - I urban project-Gorakhpur was started, which was monitored by the Department. Department also joined hands with IMA Gorakhpur to start a separate Institute for mentally retarded children.

         Number of Faculty members was reduced to three in 1989 due to transfer and this status continued for next 18 years. However, Department started progressing and Special Newborn care was initiated in 1992. Now, Nehru Hospital has 94 Pediatrics beds which include 30 Neonatal beds, 6 PICU beds and remaining 58 beds for General Pediatrics. Department has fully functioning NICU and PICU, equipped with 14Ventilators, 8 Monitors and Defibrillator etc. Ward has facilities of central oxygen, central suction and compressed air supply. There are in house facilities for Sonography, X rays and Clinico-Pathological investigations. Child patients admitted to B.R.D. Medical College, Gorakhpur accounts for nearly 40% of the total admissions with a bed occupancy of 150%. Moreover, two epidemic wards of 54 beds each (including 24 ICU beds) have recently been added to the bed strength of this Department.These 108 added beds would carry new faculty members, resident doctors and other supporting staff as per MCI guidelines and thus capacity of the Department of Pediatrics is likely to be increased tremendously.

        Pediatrics Department is running Special Clinics viz. Asthma, Developmental, Infant and Young Child Feeding and Adolescent Clinics. Several public health programmes with the help of UNICEF are being run by the Department like Adolescent girls anemia (UMANG) and Infant and Young Child Feeding (BPNI). One of the Senior Faculty is a well known trainer in IYCF and has trained enumerable eminent doctors in the country and abroad. As a result of the initiative taken by the Department, Nehru Hospital was declared first Baby Friendly Hospital of the State.

         First epidemic of Viral Encephalitis occurred in Gorakhpur in 1978 and since then the Department of Pediatrics has emerged as a nodal center for the management, control and policy advice on Encephalitis and other Epidemics.

         Inspection of the Department by MCI was conducted in Dec, 1979 for permission to start P. G. courses (M.D. and D.C.H.) and one seat for M. D. Pediatrics was permitted. Another inspection in 1981 for increasing M.D. and D.C.H. seats was also carried out and numbers of M.D. seats were increased to two and 4 seats were allotted for D.C.H. In 1986 MCI inspection was called up on for inspection and standard of postgraduate teaching. The standard of teaching and examination were reported of standard. It was advised to appoint a clerk cum stenographer in the Department, a separate isolation ward and regular autopsy by MCI at that time but due to non compliance and non pursuance by the administration and Government the Degree of the Department was not recognized at that time. In year 2006, July after a long gap again the MCI inspection was called upon for evaluation of the standard of teaching and for recognition of M.D. seats but the degrees was not recognized because of insufficient teaching staff. After fulfilling the deficiency again the inspection was conducted by MCI in 2007, and M.D. (Pediatrics) and D.C.H. Degree has been recognized.

        Department has so for trained over 65 M.D (Pediatrics) and 140 Diploma in Child health students in addition to 26 batches of Undergraduate students.

         At present the total faculty members are 6 with one professor, one associate Professor and four Lecturers.


2.            Teaching courses running in the Department

For M. B.B.S.

For Diploma in Child Health

For M.D. (Pediatrics)


3. Programmes organized by the Department


A  Conferences and workshop

  1. Workshop in child consumer in 1980
  2. Two state IAP Annual Conferences in 1981 & 1993
  3. Workshop on immunization in 1989
  4. Workshop in Rational Management of Acute Respiratory Infections in 1991
  5. Workshop in Rational Pediatric Practice in 1995
  6. Training courses in Human Lactation and Breast feeding in 1992 &1998
  7. Workshop on Management of Asthma in 1996
  8. National Training Courses in Infant and Young Child Feeding in 1999&2001 for participants from 17 States of India
  9. U.P. Neocon in 2006
  10. Workshop on Neonatal Ventilation in 2006
  11. Training of Middle Level Trainer in Infant and Young Child Fedding in 2007
  12. Workshop on Neonatal Resuscitation and Management of Diarrhoel Diseases every year.


B  Community Projects

  1. I.C.D.S. Urban Project, Gorakhpur from 1979-1990
  2. I.C.D.S. Rural Projects Captanganj (Basti), Padrauna (Deoria) and Barahaj (Deoria) from 1983-1985
  3. Adolescent Anaemia Praogramme from 2001-2006 in 19 blocks of Gorakhpur Districts.
  4. Baby Friendly Health Initiative in Lalitpur District in 2007 in all 6 blocks.


C. International Responsibility

  1. Training Head Office of BPNI
  2. South Pacific Regional Head Office of IBFAN and WABA


4.  Faculty members of the Department-


        Dr.Mahima Mittal Associate  Prof and Head

        Dr Rachana Bhatanagar, Associate Professor

        Dr. Anita Mehta, Associate  prof

        Dr. S.K.Srivastava,assistant prof

        Dr Bhoopendra Sharma, assistant prof


5. International National or State Level awards given to past /present Faculty  

    Member of the Department

  1. IAP Fellowship - Dr G. P. Mathur and Dr K. P. Kushwaha
  2. Special Award for presenting paper in National Conference - Dr K. P. Kushwaha
  3. Certificate of appreciation for academic activities from IAP and BPNI- Dr K.P.Kushwaha
  4. Gold Medal for World Breastfeeding Week- 2008, BPNI, New Delhi













6.Facilities given to the patients ( total number of beds)



I.    PICU:                         

·             No. of beds        -6

·             Equipment          -Multi-channel monitors, central oxygen, suction and compressed air for ventilators, defibrillator, infusion pump, ABG machine with electrolyte analyzer, portable X-ray, ECG machine and nebulizer



·                 No. of Beds -24

·                 Equipment  - Phototherapy (Double surface -8, Single         Surface-                           2, Fiber optic -2), Warmer-16, CPAP-3,    Ventilator-3, central oxygen, suction      and compressed   air for ventilators, Infusion Pump-2,       Apnea                           Monitor-2,   Pulse oximeter-2,Incubator-3, ABG         Machine,    Air                            sterilizer, Bilirubinometer

. III. General Pediatrics

·                     No. of beds    64

·                     Equipments -Central oxygen, Central suction and       compressed air for ventilator and Ventilators    


 IV..  Epidemic ward

·                     No. of beds    108

 7.Average daily patient attendance of the Department


  1. O.P.D.               102/day
  2. I.P.D.                32/day



8.Average daily operation and other procedures in the Department


  1. Major operation  Nil
  2. Minor operation   approximately 10/day (ICD, Biopsies, Bone marrow aspiration, LP, splenic puncture, various body fluid aspiration, peritoneal dialysis, FNAC, canulation etc. )





9. Name and duration of previous Head of the Department



  1. Dr. P.P.Mathur    July 1975-June 1977
  2. Dr G.P.Mathur     July1977- June 1989
  3. Dr Y.D.Singh               July1989- April 2004
  4. Dr A.K.Rathi               May2004- Dec,2007
  5. Dr K.P.Kushwaha Jan,2008 – till date


10.Telephone number of the Department – Not avilable





11.Days of O.P.D. of Faculty Members


General O.P.D.


                Tuesday             Dr. Mahima Mittal

                Wednesday        Dr. Anita Mehta

                Thursday            Dr. Rachana Bhatanagar

                Friday                  Dr. Bhoopendra Sharma

                Saturday             Dr. S. K. Srivastava


          Special Clinic


Days                 Clinic                         Consultant           

Monday            Adolescent                 Dr.S.K.Srivastava                     

Tuesday            Developmental            Dr. Mahima Mittal       

Wednesday        Immunization                             

Thursday            Asthma                      Dr. Anita Mehta

Friday                Endocrinology                        

Saturday            Neurology                  Dr. Bhoopendra Sharma



Last Update : 01-01-2010


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