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Department of Anaesthesia Language Translation :

Department of Anaesthesia


( Dr. SATISH KUMAR M.D. , Prof & Head of Department  )


Department of Anaesthesia, began in this institution, in 1974, with Dr. B.C.Joshi as first Head of Department.

Our department began with faculty of 1 professor, 2 readers and three lecturers, which has now grown to 4 professors, 1 associate professor and 1 lecturer. In 1981, there were 2 seats of M.D. Anaesthesia and 4 seats of Diploma in Anaesthesia, which has now grown to 3 seats of M.D. and 1 seat of Diploma. Post Graduate courses of department were recognised after inspection by Medical Council of India in 2007.

Department conducts routine and emergency surgeries in 12 Elective Operation Theatres, 3 Emergency Operation Theatre, 1 Post Mortem, 1 Pacemaker Cardio Operation Theatre. Everyday about 15 to 20 major operations and 20 to 25 minor operations, are conducted. All Operation Theatres are equipped with central gas supply, central vacume supply, air conditioners and monitors.

There are 6 pre operative and 6 recovery beds available, with all having central oxygen supply, monitors and ventilators. Department also has 6 bed well equipped Intensive Care Unit, where apart from invasive and non invasive monitoring, facility of ventilator is available on each bed. ICU also has facility of cardiac monitoring, arterial blood gas analysis, defibrillator and cutaneous pacemaker.

Department has facility of Pulmonary Function Test, ECG, Trans Esophageal Echocardiography, Fibreoptic Bronchoscope, Neuromuscular Monitoring and Locator.

Department is running Pain Clinic for last 20 years, where cases of chronic pain are managed in a minor Operation Theatre. Department is also conducting PAC clinics, to reduce the sufferings and problems of patients. In these clinics, facility of treatment is made in a minor operation theatre.

Courses conducted in department :

1.   Undergraduate Course M.B.B.S.

2.   Post Graduate Course M.D. in Anaesthesia

3.   Post Graduate Diploma in Anaesthesia

Programmes Organised by Department :-

1.   Indian Society of Anaesthesia (ISA), Uttar Pradesh State Conference 1976.

2.   I.S.A. Uttar Pradesh State Conference 1994.

3.   All India Railway Anaesthetist Conference 1995.

4.   I.S.A. Uttar Pradesh National Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1998.

5.   W.F.S.A., C.M.E. Workshop 2001.

6.   I.S.A. Uttar Pradesh State Conference 2007.    

Awards :       

 1.   Dr. O. P. Singh-

                         -   Ex Principal, B.R.D. Medical College,  Gorakhpur.

-  President, Indian Society of Anaesthesia, U.P State

-  External Examiner of various States and Universities

2.   Dr. Raka Rani-

-   Vice President, Indian Society of Anaesthesia, U.P.State.

-   External Examiner of various States and Universities.

3.   Dr. Deepak Malviya-

-  Elected Member, Governing Council, I.S.A., in year 1994- 2001

-   Elected Vice President I.S.A. 2007

-   External Examiner of various Unversities, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Kathmandu

-    Inspector, National Board of Examinations, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi

-   Organising Secretary of 29th Uttar Pradesh State Conference.

-   Organising Secretary of W.F.S.A.,  C.M.E. 2001, I.S.A. National Conference, Kathmandu.

-    Selected Specialist Teacher, by Public Service Commisson.

4.   Dr. Satish Kumar –

-    Selected specialist teacher by Public Service Commission.

-    Ex member Governing Council, ISA, UP Chapter

-    Specialist for selection of Medical Officer in Gorakhpur University. -        

5.   Dr. Shahbaz Ahmad-

-         Member Governing Council, ISA UP Chapter.

Teachers of Department :-

 1.   Dr. Mrs. Raka Rani M.D.; D.A.         Professor

.2.   Dr. Shahbaz Ahmad                        Associate  Professor

 3.   Dr. Santosh Kr. Sharma                  Lecturar

 3.   Dr. Priyanka                                    Lecturar


Previous HOD of Department :-


1.   Dr. B.C.Joshi             

1974 -  1975

2.   Dr. D.P.Navin             

1975 -  1975

3.   Dr. G.N.Singh           

1975 -  1980

4.   Dr. O.P.Singh              

1980 -  1980

5.   Dr. S.K.Ghildyal          

1980 -  1981

6.   Dr. M.N.Misra            

1981 -  1982

7.   Dr. S.K.Ghildyal        

1982 -  1989

8.   Dr. S.L.Srivastava     

1989 -  1990

9.   Dr. O.P.Singh           

1990 -  1991

10. Dr. R.U.Azmi            

1991 -  1994

11. Dr. O.P.Singh

1994 -  Till Date




\Facilities Available for Patients:-

A)  Routine Operation:- 12 Operation Theatres with Central Gas Supply, Multi Channel Monitor and Ventilator, 2 Upgraded Anaesthesia Work Stations, with facility of Astiva 5 machine.

B)  Emergency Operation:- 3 Operation Theatres, with Central Gas Supply, Multi Channel Monitor and Ventilator

C)  Post Partum Operation Theatre:- 1 OT, with facility of Central Gas Supply and Multi Channel Monitor.

D) Cardio Operation Theatre:- 1 Theatre, with facility of Central Gas Supply, Multi Channel Monitor (Arm Image Intensifier).

E)   Intensive Care Unit:- 6 Bed with facility of invasive and non invasive monitoring, along with ventilator on each bed. ICU also has facility of Cardiac monitoring, Arterial Blood Gas, Defibrillation, Cutaneous Pace Maker, 20 monitors, Central Oxygen Supply, Suction Machine and Syringe Pump Glucometer.

F)   PAC Clinic:- It has facility of Echocardiography, Pulmonary Function Test, ECG Machine, BP machine, Weight machine.

Patient Input of Department:-

1.   PAC Clinic:- About 1500 to 2000 patients are examined in a year.

2.   Pain Clinic:- About 400 to 700 patients are examined in a year.

3.   ICU :- About 480 to 700 patients are treated in a year.

Operations Conducted by Department:-

1.   General Surgery

2.   Plastic Surgery

3.   Pediatric Surgery

4.   Neuro Surgery

5.   Obstetrical and Gynaecological Surgery

6.   Orthopaedic Surgery

7.   Ear Nose and Throat Surgery

8.   Ophthalmology Surgery

Procedures Done in Department:-

1.   Epidural Catheterisation

2.   Nerve Block for Chronic pain management

3.   Epidural Steroid for Chronic pain management

4.   Percutaneous Tracheostomy in ICU (About 3 per month)

5.   CVP Line (About 100 per month)

6.   Percutaneous Nerve Stimulator in Pain Clinic ( About 3 per month).

Correspondence to Department:-

1.   Telephone No. 0551 – 2507322

2.   Department has internet connection.


Last Update : 01-01-2010


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