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Department of Biochemistry Language Translation :

Department of Biochemistry


(Dr. SATYA PRAKASH M.D.  Head of the Department)


The department of Biochemistry started in 1972, under Dept of Physiology. Dr. S. P. Singh was the founder of department. This department attained the status of separate examination subject in 1977, as a part of M.B.B.S. first professional examination.



Activities organized :           

·           Training of Under Graduate M.B.B.S. students.

·           Supervision of M.D./M.S. students of various departments.

·           Impart  Summer/ Winter training to Post Graduate students of Biochemistry / Biotechnology, from various Universities.

Teachers of department :


                 1. Dr Satya Prakash              Lecturer & HOD

             2. Dr.Raj Kumar .                  Associate Prof (contract)

Honours to Teachers of Department:-

1.   Dr. S.P.Singh, Ex faculty member was awarded WHO fellowship in 1984. He wrote nine books. One of his book was written in Hindi, under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. Of India, and one of his book got translated in Farsi, and is prescribed in Gulf Countries.

2.   Dr. R.K.Singh, Ex faculty member has been awarded M.A.M..S.

3.   Dr. S.P.Saxena is a Life Member of Assosiation of Clinical Biochemists of India. He has published 45 research papers in various Indexed National and International journals.



      1. Dr Satya Prakash              Lecturer & HOD

     2 . Dr. Rajkumar - Associate  Prof (Contract)



  2.Dr.POOJA Kumari



Previous Heads of Department:-

1.   Dr.S.P.Singh          1972  to  1979

2.   Dr.N.R.Yadav        1979  to  1985

3.   Dr.S.P.Saxena       1985  to  1986

4.   Dr.R.K.Singh         1986  to  1990

5.   Dr.S.P.Saxena       1990  to  Till Date  


Last Update : 01-01-2010


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