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Department of Pathology Language Translation :

Department of Pathology


( Dr. R. K. Misra, Head of the Department since  03.08.2007 )


Pathology is an important subject of second professional of undergraduate MBBS course. Teaching of Pathology for undergraduates in this department began in 1974, while that for post graduate course began in 1979. Founding head of department was Dr. V. P. Mittal. Presently both undergraduate and post graduate courses are running smoothly. Department also manages blood bank, and central pathology lab is functioning since 2005.

Courses conducted in department:    Undergraduate course MBBS

                                                          Post graduate course MD


Activities Organized by Department

                       1.     Two Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme in last few Years

                       2.     Blood donation camp are organized by blood bank.

                       3.     National Cancer Research programme sponsored by World Health Organization.


     Teachers of Department:

                                 1. Dr. R. K. Misra                  Professor and Head

                                 2. Dr. K. R. Mathur                Professor

                                 3. Dr. Shaila Mitra                 Associate Professor

                                 4. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Rai        Associate Professor

                                 5. Dr. Shilpa Vahikar              Associate  Professor

                                 6. Dr.Kanchan Srivastav        Associate Professor

                                 7.Dr.Anju Barawal                    Lecturer(Contract)  

                                 8 Dr.Alpana Bundela                 Lecturer

    Facilities to Patients:

                                 Annually about 30,000 patients undergo investigative process.

                                 Procedures done are FNAC, Bone Marrow Examination, Trephine Biopsy.

                                 Histo pathology , Immuno Histochemistry,Bio chemical investigation including horomonal assay,Tumer markers,A.B.G,Thalassemia Profile ,coagulation profile & HbA1c


  Previous Head of Department:

                         1.     Dr. V. P. Mittal

                         2.     Dr. S. D. Misra      -          17.07.1979 to 30.09.1994

                         3.     Dr. S. P. Sharma    -          01.10.1994 to 02.08.2007


OPD Days of Doctors:

                                1. Dr. R. K. Misra      -         Monday and TuesdaY

                                2. Dr. K. R. Mathur   -         Wednesday

                                3. Dr. Shaila Mitra     -          Thursday

                                4. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Rai       Friday

                                5.Dr.Shilpa Vahikar               Saturday


Last Update : 01-01-2010


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