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Welcome to the B.R.D. Medical College, where leaders in different fields of specialization in the world of medicine are made. We train students to be medical professionals who will take care of the health of our people.

Our faculty is composed of medical professionals whose experience and credentials in their respective fields are unparalleled and unquestionable.We assure you that our students will learn from the best. We are also known for our intensive residency program for our nurses and doctors to be certain that our students have all the necessary skills and experience once they enter the professional world and their respective specialization in the field of medicine. The residency program in B.R.D. Medical College involves hospital-based and community-based settings to ensure that our students know what is really happening even outside the hospital premises. It is our hope that they would be moved to action upon seeing the condition of community members especially those in far-flung areas where people do not have access to the technological advancements in medicine. May we instill in them the value of service for others above anything else especially when they are outside the comforts and conveniences offered by the hospital premises.

B.R.D. Medical Center has its own hospital. We are proud to say that we have a state of the art medical facilities. Our students have access to our medical center so that they can learn all aspects of the entire medical operations. The hospital is also part of their classroom environment so that they will really know more about the different medical cases being handled by doctors and nurses.

B.R.D. Medical Center is proud to say that we are at the forefront of medical research in the pursuit of advancement and innovation in the field of medicine.Our health professionals do not stop looking for causes and cures with the hope that one day, we would be able to rid our fellowmen of illnesses and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy life at the peak of their health.

For our dear students, kindly check this website for regular updates regarding our school activities during and after the academic calendar. We will be posting announcements and schedules here to help improve our information dissemination.

For those who are interested to enroll in our college, you can browse through the website for our programs.We will be posting pertinent information and announcements regarding the entrance examinations, interviews, registration requirements, and enrollment. If you have questions, you can also send us a message so that we can help you with your chosen program.

We invite you to read our Student Corner. It is a fun, informative, and realistic feature on our website where students can share their thoughts and experiences as they are trained to become medical professionals. You will know more about the B.R.D. Medical Center experience even if you are inside your garage doors in Chandler when you read our featured stories. We also upload recent and relevant research in the field of medicine.