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I am not a "toy sex expert." However, many of the sex toys in this page will work with your body, especially with a little instruction. So I recommend that you buy the item and give it a try, because it will probably help you with any discomfort that may arise. If you decide to buy something, I recommend you ask for my honest opinion on how to use it. I am not a professional sex toy reviewer, I'm just a curious, horny girl who wants to share her knowledge with others. I've written several reviews on products over the years, so feel free to check them out for the kind of information you need to buy the best sex toys! What I use for sex: Most of these toys have a base (or the base is a toy), and an insertable portion (or the insertable portion is a toy). I'm a sucker for "body-safe" toys. So if a toy has a silicone insertable portion, it will be safe to use with a body-safe toy. If it is a silicone toy, it must be hypoallergenic, nonporous, nonporous and non-porous free.

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Sex Toys currently counts as secret advice, nevertheless, the popularity has increased ratz-fatz in...