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I am recommending products that help with the following:

Creaming Your Vagina – Using a good vaginal moisturizer will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized. It will also help control bacteria and prevent irritation.

Gentle Massage – Gently massaging your vagina can help relieve pain, reduce swelling, and help prevent ingrown hairs.

Deep Squeezing – If you do a lot of squeezing with the fingertips, your skin will be softer and there will be less irritation.

Natural Lotion – Your vagina is not designed for massaging, so you will need to use a good oil-based lube to make your body feel clean and comfortable.

Fertility Gel – If your period is heavy and you are not ovulating or if your periods are irregular, the gel on your skin will help promote fertility. If you are looking for a solution that will not cause you to have any itching, irritation, or infection, then a fertility gel is the solution.

Vitamins – Taking a daily supplement of vitamin C, E, and Folate can help you with fertility and reduce the chance of becoming pregnant.

Fertility Treatment – If you are trying to conceive and have not yet conceived, your fertility treatment is going to be very important to your chances of getting pregnant.

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