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Cigarette Butts: The most popular product to quit smoking and they cost around $2-$5 for a pack or a pack of 20. These are the products that I recommend you use to quit smoking. Cigarette Butts: You will notice that these products come in a pack. These products will also come in 20's. If you look at a package of 20's there is the option to take a lighter and pack it for you as well. If you do this, you can smoke the lighter to keep it burning longer for longer periods of time. If you are a smoker who wants to quit, the best product to use is a smokeless product. Smokeless Tobacco: There are many products on the market that are smokeless. Smokeless tobacco is the best smokeless tobacco because it will not produce a burning effect when you smoke it. Some of the best smokeless products are Camel, Lucky Strike and Koolance. The Camel Camel brand of smokeless cigarettes is a good product because it is very low in tar, and you can keep it for a longer period of time before needing to stop smoking.

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