Detoxification → Just lies? Tests show the truth!

I don't claim to be able to help you to become healthy, but if you want to get your brain back on track then these detox products are for you!

What Are "Compulsory Drugs"?

As you are reading this page, the idea of detox is alluring. You have been told that if you take certain things, such as certain vitamins, that your body will begin to detoxify and restore itself.

In addition, the popular idea is that if you follow a prescribed program, which you can purchase online, you can become healthy again. But if you are confused about how many vitamins or how many detoxes are required to get "health," you have no clue.

I have been involved in the research of many different detox programs and have found that there are many different kinds of detox programs to try. If you don't know what a detox is, check out my article "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Detox Programs."

I have found that many of the products out there don't work, and that some of them don't even work on the people who tell them they work. The products can be very expensive. Many of these companies will not allow you to try one of the detoxes for a period of time.

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