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What is a Parasite?

In the old days, parasites were a nuisance, not a threat. That changed in the mid 1800's when the first documented case of human infection with Myiasis was recorded. For example, in 1835, Mary E. Kropotkin had a skin rash and her doctor treated her for it. She was taken to the Hospital of St. Louis and treated at the hospital's medical school. Her doctor gave her the antibiotics, which worked, and then sent her home to recover. She recovered and came back to her room, and her doctor told her, "Now you are going to live to have a child". Mary and her husband died from the same infection. Later in the century, Kropotkin visited her, and learned about her story. Mary, his wife, was alive, and she still has a child. His wife died of parasites. Kropotkin and Mary's story shows how the struggle between good and evil is a very real thing. We are not just fighting "evil" and the "good", we are fighting for our own survival!

"We don't need to use any more poisons, or even any more natural remedies. We need to use more modern medicines. We are the ones who are killing ourselves."

– Dr.

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