Boost brain power → Just lies? Tests show the truth!

There are many products that claim to have a brain booster, and I will not name those products. But, there are many brain boosters that don't work, and should not be used. I know it is easy to use some brain boosters for more brain power, but the research says not to.

Brain Supplements: The Truth about Brain Supplements

Brain Supplements are not a substitute for your brain. It is the brain that takes you into the world. Your brain works on a very deep level that we don't understand, and you are not going to have it. In fact, it can cause you to go mad. Don't take this brain booster, it is not going to help. But, if you have to take it, at least get your brain right. The brain is very important for your ability to function properly. I would suggest you to use it as a precaution, but you will need to do a lot of research before you take this product. This is very dangerous, so don't take it unless you are very sure it is safe. Please use caution.

A big problem for many brain boosters is that some people can't metabolize the amphetamine in them.

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